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The Changing Face Of Content Delivery

1980's-VHS video cassette tapes

1990's- VHS video cassette tapes and the introduction of DVD's

2000's-DVD's to BluRay DVD's

2018-Weddings delivered on thumb drives

2019-Weddings delivered via file transfer

Sense a trend here? Each new development in media content delivery has represented a leap forward in video quality and reliability. From bulky VHS cassette tapes which were of poor quality and had limited life spans to direct file transfer, each new technology shift has represented a substantial improvement across the board.

At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod we have striven to provide our clients with the very best and most current video technologies available today. And media content delivery is the last puzzle piece of a workflow that begins with content acquisition, post production and artistic creation.

We have contracted with "WeTransfer" in order to have the ability to deliver completed wedding films directly to our clients and avoid the pitfalls of magnetic media (DVD's) and thumb drives. Once clients receive their finished film via file transfer they can:

1. Watch directly on their computers

2. Copy and paste to thumb drives to use with USB enabled TV

3. Watch on their TV's via a Bluetooth connection

4. Copy and paste to multiple locations for sharing and archival purposes

5. Upload to any location

6. Edit the wedding file on their own computers

The changes in video technology are coming at a break neck speed and at Digital Imaging of Cape Cod we will always be ready to pivot into the latest and best.

Robert Lassiter

Digital Imaging of Cape Cod



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