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Discrete Or Over The Top

We received a deposit recently for a 2018 wedding here on Cape Cod. We had extensive conversations with Katie who is looking forward to her tented wedding in Orleans. Video coverage was extremely important to her and she researched extensively her options and the various styles offered by multiple cinematographers.

She relayed to us her experiences going to two weddings this summer of 2017, both of which had employed videographers. At one, there was a single videographer who "really knew his stuff" and provided multiple camera angles of the ceremony, extensive steadicam footage, aerial drone footage and super clear audio of the ceremony and toasts. And best of all, "we hardly knew he was there". "His trailer was amazing".

The second wedding also had a videographer "well, actually there were four of them" and "three photographers". That's SEVEN people hired to capture the wedding from every conceivable angle.

I tried to imagine the scene during the day. Seven cameramen moving during the ceremony, cameras and tripods set up, headphones and walki talkies and all I can think of is how incredibly distracting that must be for the wedding guests. After all, now matter your venue, no matter your religion, a wedding is also a sacred moment for couples and their families. Seven cameramen/women all vying for the "best shot" can't help but to interfere with the important moments of the day. And, those seven cameramen/women are all being paid.

Naturally, every bride wants the best photographs and the best video of her wedding day. Who wouldn't.

But at Digital Imaging of Cape Cod, we believe it's vital not to interrupt the wedding, to choreograph moments or become more important than the events themselves. One or two experienced professional cameramen can do an absolutely beautiful job and at the same time not block the views of guests, clutter up

a beautifully decorated reception venue or interfere on the dance floor.

In the end, it's a decision left to couples. In researching your videographer, determine just how many "assistants" will be attending and realize that the video company whose prices "start" at $3500 are often more interested in creating a stunning portfolio then they are in providing a creative yet discrete memory of

your wedding. You may be paying high prices for the possibility that your family and guests become annoyed to the point that driving home all they can talk about were "all those cameramen".

Review our trailers and see if you don't agree, wedding videos can be subtle, discrete AND creative while not putting a hole in your wedding budget. Professional, experienced, wedding videographers know how to blend in. As we here back from our brides, "we never knew you were there".

Robert Lassiter

Digital Imaging of Cape Cod



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