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My Video Company Was In Everyone's Face

Non-intrusive Coverage

We hear this all the time at Digital Imaging of Cape Cod. Couples hire a very expensive wedding video company based on several compelling samples that wow the couple who dream of a similar hollywood style production for their own Cape Cod wedding, Unfortunately for these couples they can overlook what is involved in creating this beautiful wedding video, namely, 3 and 4 cameramen with large cameras, dollys, tripods, lights and choreographing of the wedding day.

Imagine what this means in practical terms. You've hired a photographer who undoubtedly has an assistant. Now add 3, sometimes 4 videographers. Couples, family and guests can barely have a moment during the day without a stranger with a camera in their face. Not necessarily what your guests would have welcomed.

There is a fine line between creating memories of your wedding day and keeping a fun yet dignified tone to the wedding that everyone can enjoy and remember with fondness.

It is understandable that a couple planning a wedding at one of Cape Cods stunning venues, inviting hundreds of guests and hoping for that picture postcard Cape Cod day will want every moment documented and produced in a stylistic video production. It's equally understandable that at the end of the day the same couple wants their guests and family to leave the wedding with wonderful memories of the loving bridal couple, the beauty of the setting and new friends made and not with memories of cameramen everywhere they turned.

At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod the most frequent feedback we here from couples is "we never knew you were there" and yet "you captured everything so beautifully" For myself, Matthew Barton, and Zac Cruz our number one goal is to be creative, be technically (experts with our equipment) perfect, and remain as unobtrusive as possible throughout the day.

It is possible to have a stunning wedding video without spending beyond your reasonable budget and without camera men spoiling the wedding feeling you so carefully constructed in all your planning.

Robert Lassiter

Digital Imaging of Cape Cod

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