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Cost Of A Cape Cod Wedding

  • Posted Apr. 9, 2016 at 2:00 AM Updated Apr 9, 2016 at 7:27 AM

And this from the Cape Cod Times this April of 2016. As pointed out by several industry professionals, there

is a comfortable price point for virtually anyone who dreams of getting married on Cape Cod and the majority

of vendors have a wide range of packages to fit any budget.

From Sam Mintz, The Cape Cod Times:

Looking to get married on Cape Cod? It’ll cost you.

A study of U.S. couples married in 2015 found that Cape Cod is the sixth-most expensive location to get married in the United States, with the average wedding here costing $54,334.

The Knot 2015 Real Weddings Study, put together by the wedding resource and marketplace website The Knot, surveyed nearly 18,000 brides who got married in 2015.

It found that the national average spent on a wedding is $32,641, up from $31,213 in 2014. The most expensive area to get married was Manhattan, where the average wedding cost $82,299.

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Looking for a cheaper celebration? You might want to head across the country (and through Canada) to Alaska, where the average wedding cost only $17,361, the most affordable location in the country, according to the study.

That high average cost here is likely fueled by destination weddings, said Jamie Bohlin, the owner of Cape Cod Celebrations, an event planning company based in Dennis. Cape Cod Celebrations plans 50 to 60 weddings a year, Bohlin said, and 98 percent of those are for couples who do not live on the Cape.

“The Cape is a very dense market for weddings,” Bohlin said. “The wedding industry here is not going to go away.”

But she did acknowledge that price can be a problem for some Cape Codders, particularly when it comes to booking popular venues.

“The locals, and even people that grew up here, sometimes have a tough time finding a spot that fits their budget,” she said.

Olive Chase, vice chairwoman of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and owner of The Casual Gourmet, a catering service, said that the wedding industry puts large amounts of money into the Cape Cod economy — to the tune of $10 million a year, according to a recent chamber estimate.

For one, Chase said there are hundreds of businesses on the Cape that benefit from weddings, from DJs, photographers, florists and up to big resorts, which employ hundreds of people.

Also, big, expensive weddings on the Cape bring guests who stimulate the local economy, by staying at hotels and visiting restaurants.

“The average wedding on the Cape is between 125 and 150 guests, and they tend to come from far away,” Chase said. “Even people who are local here, a lot of their guests will come from off-Cape. That many people come, they stay for a whole weekend or sometimes a whole week.”

She did not agree with the assumption that it can be hard for regular Cape Codders to plan an affordable wedding on their home turf.

“I think we have lots of places to have weddings, that are in all ranges of budgets,” Chase said. “That number in the study is skewed by some of the high-end resorts. It is certainly possible to do a wedding on the Cape for less than the national average."

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