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Film Maker Prepares For First 2016 Wedding

A successful wedding shoot is a lot more than just showing up on time with a camera. There are countless hours that go into preparations and planning for that epic film you hope to produce for the bride and groom.

There is the story you hope to tell and this can only be achieved through a thorough understanding of the couples expectations and what they hope to share with friends and family for years to come. At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod we are not simply at a wedding to document the day. We're there to tell the story of the day through visual story telling. Unique angles, sliding camera shots, steadi-cam shots, hidden cameras and details will paint a picture of colors, sounds, textures, emotions, and joy.

And from the technical side, how exactly do we prepare? Can we anticipate every possible circumstance and adjust on the fly? Our gear list needs to be redundant.

-minimum of two primary cameras and three GoPro cameras

-multiple batteries, fresh and charged

-tripods and monopods, gorilla clamps and selfi-sticks.

-powered gimbals for steadi-cam shots

-sliders for smooth camera moves

-multiple digital audio recorders for lapel mics and audio pickup of toasts. Headphones to monitor audio.

-Shotgun mics

-laptop computer to review footage on the fly

-Multiple camera mounted LED lights for reception footage

-waterproof housings for all cameras

-multi tools, safety pins, duct tape

These are just some of things that go into a wedding day preparation.

We are excited this year to be introducing into our inventory several new cameras including the just released Canon 80D (shown above) with improved focusing, color depth, audio and a revolutionary

powered zoom function.

April 2, 2016 at Wychmere Harbor. We can't wait.

Robert Lassiter

Digital Imaging of Cape Cod

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