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Where Is Your Wedding Vendor Really Located?

It has come to our attention recently that there is some very misleading marketing being conducted by new vendors to the Cape Cod wedding industry and that major wedding sites such as The Knot and Wedding Wire are unwittingly allowing this to happen. Here is what is occuring.

Suppose you are a bride planning a wedding on the Cape for June 19 of this year. You are utilizing The Knot or Wedding Wire to help you sift through all the many vendors available to you. However, you are hoping for a photographer, or DJ, or cinemaphotographer who lives and works on Cape Cod, one who knows the venues, the site coordinators, the back roads and summer traffic patterns. In short, you want a professional with local knowledge to help insure a seamless wedding day.

So you punch in your search, most likely using a zip code to help The Knot or Wedding Wire localize your search results. You may type in 02633, which is Chatham Mass. Your results come up showing 13 different vendors indicating Chatham as their location. However, this is where things get blurred. If you dig a bit deeper, perhaps by going to these vendors websites you may well discover that you can't find any business address at all. In fact, digging a little deeper you are likely to discover that a good many of these vendors are literally located hundreds of miles away. These vendors keep their actual location hidden as best they can.

This is becoming common practice, not just in the wedding industry but in many service industries. The end result being a good deal of wasted time by those searching for certain services who are led to believe that vendors are local when in fact, they are not anywhere near the actual location and may have never even been to your venue or know where it is.

If you're a couple coordinating a wedding on Cape Cod please keep all of this in mind. Cape Cod wedding vendors are some of the best in the world and we're proud to live and work here on Cape Cod.

Robert Lassiter

Digital Imaging of Cape Cod

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