• Robert Lassiter

Wedding Drones Are Here To Stay

2015 saw our first serious requests from couples for aerial drone footage at their wedding. While not totally unexpected, the requests became more frequent as our season drew to a conclusion. We anticipate requests for drone footage to increase by nearly 50% in 2016.

This is a complicated yet exciting new frontier for us. There are variables such as liability issues, safety, and appropriate times of use. A professionally licensed pilot is now required by law to operate these aircraft which have moved way beyond the amateur hobbiest craft of just two years ago. Todays high end drones are extremely sophisticated high technology aircraft that require a true professional pilot to operate. Contact us for rates and let us know how and where you hope to obtain footage. A great deal of preplanning is needed to make YOUR drone footage truly epic.

Robert Lassiter

Digital Imaging Of Cape Cod

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