• Robert Lassiter

Cinemaphotographers working with Photographers.

Two words, respect and professionalism. At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod our general philosophy is to defer to the photographer in regards to positioning and coordinating. Having said that, couples have hired both a photographer and a cinemaphotographer and have high expectations for both wedding services and have invested a good portion of their wedding budget to both. It is important for both the photographer and the cinemaphotographer to understand that the ultimate goal is to provide couples with excellence. A brief discussion between both photographer and cinemaphotographer upon arriving on site can go a long way to creating an atmosphere of cooperation and professionalism. In many cases, a good working relationship can be of great benefit to both. An experienced videographer will intuitively understand what a photographer is trying to capture and position himself accordingly. An experienced photographer will also understand that there are certain "must have" shots a videographer needs and will postion themselves to stay out of frame. At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod we make every effort to work in a complete spirit of cooperation with all wedding vendors in order to make your coverage seamless and professional.

Robert Lassiter

Digital Imaging of Cape Cod



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