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Digital Delivery, So Many Options


Common question, what is the difference between standard DVD's, BluRay DVD's or even simply Digital Delivery? At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod we get this question all the time. So here is a short primer on what questions to ask your videographer or photographer.

Weddings are filmed or photographed using digital media capture and encoding. Sounds complicated and it is. But you don't need to know the science behind all this to understand the differences.

Currently, BluRay DVD's are the media that provide the absolute highest quality images and film that your Cape Cod wedding videographer or photographer can provide you. One problem, BluRay DVD's require a BluRay DVD player and not everyone has one of these. Our recommendation, if you're having your wedding filmed in HIgh Definition and your videographer has the capability (not all do) to provide you BluRay DVD's then for a very small investment you should purchase a BluRay DVD Player. BluRay DVD's deliver 1920X1080 lines of resolution.

Standard DVD's are the media which most everyone is familiar. You may have a small library of Standard DVD movies at home that play perfectly fine in your Standard DVD Player. However, Standard DVD's display a video image of only 720X480 liines of resolution.

To most observers, the difference in image quality between Standard DVD's and BluRay DVD's can be stunning.

And now, a quick look at what is being called "Digital Delivery" of your wedding film. It is not uncommon that the actual physical DVD you recieve of your wedding may become lost or damaged over time. A lost or damaged DVD may be the only copy you have and now your wedding film is lost forever. It is also possible you do not own a computer or tablet that has the capability to play DVD's. But what if you had your entire wedding film on a simple thumb drive (sometimes called "flash drives"). With the entire wedding on a thumb drive you can watch your wedding virtually anywhere on any device. That would be fantastic. But what is even more important is that you can easily copy the files on the thumb drive to your computer and save the files forever, maybe make multiple thumb drives and put one in a safe deposit box.

Ask your wedding provider about Digital Delivery.

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