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Are there advantages to hiring one company to produce both your wedding photography and your wedding film? Well, the obvious answer is that both the photographer and videographer are working together as a team. They are coordinating their efforts and can work together seamlessly. They present a united face to the couple and family.

Occasionally, and this is rare from our standpoint at Digital Imaging of Cape Cod, photographers and videographers from different companies become less than cooperative with each other creating a small bit of tension as each works to do their job. Naturally, hiring professionals from the same company eliminates any possibility of friction.

The other factor to consider is that a company offering both wedding photography and wedding videography often will offer a percentage discount when couples choose to hire that company for both services. At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod we offer a 10% discount off the final invoice when couples utilize both of our services.

Of course, in the end, you should feel confident in our ability to deliver both services at the highest quality. Price should never be your determining factor.

Robert Lassiter

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