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The StoryBook Video

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At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod, Robert Lassiter and his staff are forever discussing the latest equipment and trends in our industry. One trend that has become extremely popular is that of the "StoryBook" video style.

A StoryBook wedding video is much more than just a beautiful documentation of a wedding on Cape Cod. Cape Cod weddings can be a weeklong event for many couples and their bridal parties and family. As the name implies, a StoryBook wedding video tells a "story". How did the couple meet, where did they meet, where did the proposal take place. A StoryBook wedding video tells the back story of how everything came together to culminate in this one special summer wedding day.

The films are compelling and unique and they tie everything together, a story from start to finish.

If you're looking for a wedding video that is more than just a wedding video but a documentary film of your wedding then consider spending some time with your videographer and determine if your wedding would make a great story.

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