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What Is The Best Selling Camera In The World?


What is the best selling camera in the entire world? Well, as the image above may give you a hint, it's the GoPro. And GoPro cameras are becoming a significant part of our wedding coverage here at Digital Imaging of Cape Cod and Cape Cod Weddings.

It seems that during each wedding we discover a new way to utilize these truly amazing cameras. Often times we are placing the cameras in locations that are inaccessable to us during a ceremony from spots that are actually perfect for capturing the ceremony while at the same time being almost invisible to guests. We can also capture some pretty amazing time lapse footage. Placed on a hand held glide cam the GoPro can create otherworldly image sequences, much like the effect of filming from a moving helicopter. We have also begun using tiny telescoping poles with the GoPro attached at the end for birds eye views of the action on the dance floor.

The GoPro revolution is here and this game changing little camera is profoundly increasing our ability to find new and unique ways to craft wedding films.

You can check out these cameras for yourself at: www.gopro.com or you can look at some footage from our own blog entries: http://www.capecodvideo.com/#!Cape-Cod-Wedding-GlideCams-Earth-bound-flying/cgn1/1CE9D06D-42CF-488F-A98E-DC52291E2FA7

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