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Time Lapse Video

Have you ever seen time lapse footage on TV? Popular time lapse subjects for film makers are clouds and sunsets, street scenes and traffic. Perhaps several hours of film footage condensed into 30 seconds. Wow, you really see alot in that 30 seconds.

Well, Cape Cod Videographers can capture time lapse scenes as well. They can capture a time lapse of your ceremony, or perhaps the sky over a harbor filled with sailboats, or maybe your reception.

While time lapse sequences are interesting and fun, this is certainly a case of too much of a good thing is not such a good thing. For a well rounded Cape Cod wedding video a short time lapse sequence adds to the overall interest and professionalism of your wedding video. You should discuss with your videographer whether a short time lapse sequence is something they can offer, when they would suggest using it and where in the overall finished video should the time lapse sequence be placed.

At Digital Imaging of Cape Cod we've found the best time lapse sequences to be either outdoor ceremonies located in picture postcard locations or reception time lapse sequences.

Our sample here is from a recent wedding in Boston, at the State Room. A spectacular venue. This sequence is approx. 30 seconds long and shows the entire ceremony. If time lapse is something you are interested in then make sure your videographer offers this ability, many do not.

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