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Cape Cod Wedding GlideCams, Earth bound flying

In 2014 Digital Imaging of Cape Cod has begun using wedding glidecams. What is this new Cape Cod wedding style videography all about?

In a nutshell, wedding glidecam footage allows the videographer to film footage that appears to the viewer to float, free from any bumps, changes in speed or shakey camera movement. One could compare the footage to a straight and level helicopter filming while moving side to side or up and down.

Naturally,, hand held video camera footage is always going to have its share of bumps, shakes, and jerky footage. A good tripod eliminates much of this and an experienced videographer can find great use of monopods (one legged tripods). However, a glidecam produces an almost dreamy effect of floating. An experienced glidecam operator can walk (or even run) through a crowded reception hall and the footage will appear almost ethereal, smooth and steady.

An experienced Cape Cod wedding videographer can mix and match some of this incredible wedding glidecam footage into appropriate wedding day sequences to add variety and a polished look to your wedding video.

See if you can find the glidecam footage in our sample: State Room, Boston trailer.

The attached picture is of the industry standard, GlideCam. We use our GoPro cameras with the GlideCam.

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