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Cape Cod Wedding Video Styles

Cape Cod wedding videos come in a variety of styles. From standard documentary style, love story themes and news style or a combination of all three.

Documentary Style: Cape Cod wedding venues offer a unique opportunity to incorporate the beauty of Cape Cod into your Cape Cod wedding video. A good documentary style video will blend the Cape Cod atmosphere with the events of the day. This is a laid back approach with the videographer remaining very much in the background while using all his experience and creative talents to tell the story of your wedding on Cape Cod. There is no choreographing or interviewing of guests. This is the default style of Digital Imaging of Cape Cod.

Love Story: Cape Cod wedding love stories are much more complex, scripted, and choreographed. They compare to popular music videos. Much of the scripted love story occurs in the days prior to the actual wedding. For those with the keen interest and budget will find these Cape Cod wedding videos a great deal of fun.

News Story: A Cape Cod wedding video that incorporates more of a newsy approach will be heavy with comments from wedding party members and interviews with guests. This approach requires a good deal of scripting and pre-planning, much like a love story style. While this can be a great deal of fun for the wedding couple to view later it is important to keep in mind that all your guests may not be quite so comfortable with this approach and may find it obtrusive and distracting during the wedding day.

And of course, facets of each style can certainly be incorporated into your wedding video. Pre-planning is key. Talk to your videographer and let him or her know what your expectations are.


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