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Not Sure I Want A Video

Back in the dark ages, before the Internet, before YouTube, and Facebook, and Twitter, wedding couples were having their weddings videotaped. Enterprising young entrepreneurs

had latched onto to the brand new technology of video recorders. Large and bulky cameras connected to a large recorder slung over their shoulders began appearing at weddings all over the world. The resulting wedding videos were of poor quality at best and being operated by novices, unfamiliar with film techniques or wedding etiquette. Wedding videographers quickly developed a reputation as unwanted and unnessasary participants in high end weddings.

Well, it's 2014 now and how things have changed. Todays wedding videographers are posting some truly amazing wedding stories on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and a host of other outlets. Todays videographers can be artists of the highest order. And the technology afforded professional videographers is stunning. It can be a team of videographers at your wedding or a single videographer who stays in the background for the entire wedding and the only footprint he or she may leave is the stunning DVD or BluRay they deliver to you at the end of the wedding.

Imagine you are a guest, perhaps a distant relative or a dear friend. You have traveled great distances and at great expense to share in this iconic day with the wedding couple and see other friends and relatives you haven't seen for many years. The wedding day is filled with sunshine, touching vows, and warm introductions from the mother and father of the bride. There is the sentimental dance for the bride and her father, a wonderful band, and clever toasts by the bridal party. And to top it all off, you are on Cape Cod, perhaps overlooking a picture postcard harbor. In all, a wonderful memory to be enjoyed the rest of your life.

Weeks later you get a message from the couple. They give thanks for your presence at the wedding and share some photographs on-line from their wedding photographer. The photographs are wonderful. Professional and creative. And yet, how great it would be to actually re-live the day, hears the vows, the toasts, the band. To see your long ago friend from high school dancing up a storm. To see the grandparents with so much joy on their faces. To perhaps feel, if even for just a moment, like you are there again. What a gift it would be to have that opportunity.

So even if you personally are not sure a video is for you perhaps you may want to consider what a video memory would mean to some of the most important people in your life. In the grand scheme of things, the cost of a wedding video can be a fraction of your wedding budget but priceless in so many ways.

Every year we get hundreds of thank you notes and EMails. And what do we hear repeated over and over, "we are SO glad we decided to have you there"

Robert Lassiter



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